Full Circle with HRG

Gosh, sorry for being MIA all Summer. Things were really heating up at ARTdeezine HQ this Summer and now that the kids are back in school and things seem to be back to routine I am able to organize my thoughts and reflect…

HRG's Storefront Mock Up

HRG’s New Storefront Mockup with HRG Founder Sammy Hastings. Storefront scheduled to open this Fall in the Sunset.

Things have really come full circle for ARTdeezine. Where do I begin;  prior to Summer ARTdeezine took on a new (ongoing) project  managing the Marketing Department for one of our major clients, Hastings Realty Group (HRG). HRG is growing, and growing fast, and we are excited to be a part of such an innovative, young community-minded team.

Sammy Hastings is the founding broker at HRG and he is full of amazing ideas, which is what makes working with him so much fun. He is not your typical real estate broker, he is doing things out of the box. He is investing in his community in innovative ways  because he is so passionate about his community and knows that real estate is an avenue that can be used to bring value and substance what he is so passionate about.  I have noticed in the short time I have worked closely with him all these ideas we are brainstorming  are quickly followed by action, and action is what makes Mr. Hastings so amazing in my book. What starts as a conversation, leads to brainstorming and next thing you know those ideas are reality.

It was only a couple of months ago that Sammy mentioned he was thinking about opening a second location for HRG, the space that can be used as a hub, a presence for the community work we are involved in… And now I have the great pleasure of working on designing a storefront which will be opening this Fall in San Francisco’s Sunset District on Irving at 12th Street. The image above is a mock-up I created for the look of the exterior storefront. The storefront interior is currently being renovated. I cant wait to see what HRG’s partner co. Renovation and Design (R&D) will  come up with!

Renovation & Design Project Burlingame, CA

Renovation and Design Project Burlingame, CA

Another great idea that for the most part isn’t being done by any other real estate company around. HRG has partnered with Renovation and Design (R&D) to bring top value to homes all over the Bay Area.  Ordinary homes are being miraculously transformed into extraordinary, smart, spacious double and triple occupancy dwellings bringing modern-day comfort to homes in style while highlighting a homes character and maximizing the space to its fullest potential.  In a city where space is scarce and more expensive per square foot this is an extremely valuable art. Sandeep Sood, R&D founder says “It’s not how much you spend; its how  you spend that makes all the difference.” Sandeep is known for simple, yet elegant design style and is able to do amazing transformations on a budget.  He uses the ancient Indian science of Vāstu which is the source of Feng Shui, to organize space by creating harmony between the elements. And the results are absolutely breathtaking every time. Since I am creating the marketing collateral for all these homes when they go on the market this sure does make my job easier and so much fun. And to top it all off I get to attend wine and cheese open house events and check out the amazing work of R&D!

Bay Area Drop In Graphic

Bay Area Drop In hosts from left: Maria Fang, Sandeep Sood, Sammy Hastings, Angelica Santamaria

You can check out the amazing work of R&D too by tuning into Bay Area Drop In, a new TV show sponsored in part by HRG and hosted by Sammy Hastings, Sandeep Sood (design segment), Angelica Santamaria, and Maria Fang. Bay Area Drop In is a TV show that explores Real Estate, Lifestyle, and Design in the Bay Area. Each week the show visits a new Bay Area neighborhood. It airs on Saturday nights at 6:30 on Channel 26 (cable channel 8) and is shown again on Sunday nights at 7pm. The show is super informative and cute, you should check it out. The graphics are all done by yours truly! This TV show is a perfect example of what I mean when I say Sammy Hastings is all ACTION. The idea for the show literally started as a conversation topic at his kitchen table, and just a few months later the show is on the air. Absolutely amazing!!!

So it really feels like things have come full circle for ARTdeezine. Why, you ask? Well, I just realized that our very first blog post ever was over two years ago and it was highlighting the “New” HRG logo we created. We have come a long way with HRG and we hope to have a long and lasting working relationship for years to come!

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