Logo and Identity Design

Need a logo for your new business? Or maybe your current brand needs a makeover?  Or even more common, did your orignal graphic designer fall off the face of the earth and forget to provide you with the proper file format for your logo? Well we can help.  We specialize in logo and identity design. I’m sure you know that with a strong brand foundation you can save tons of marketing dollars.

Check out some of our recent work…Click an image below to see it larger, then click next to see more. If you like what you see, fill out our form below to get started. And shortly you will see just  how developing a strong brand with us can start saving  you thousands of marketing dollars each year.

We offer various options depending on your needs:

Full Service Logo Design  Stand out with confidence in the market place with a custom, professional logo.  Your logo is the foundation for a cohesive brand. With a logo that speaks so specifically to your target audience, reaching your ideal customers becomes simple. We get to know the character and personality of your business, your industry, and your competition. Then we dig deeper and learn all about your target market so we know exactly who we are planning to reach.  We will come up with 3-5  different concepts for you to choose from and provide feedback. We will mix and match elements to come up with the perfect mix of color, fonts and lettering, style, and layout. This is really where the magic happens. We work with you until you are completely thrilled with your new logo. We deliver your final logo to you in various web and print ready files with layout variations for different applications explaining file types and best uses for each. The process usually takes 3-6 weeks depending on your urgency. Your design investment for full service logo design will run you between $895-$1500+ depending on deadline, and design complexity.

DIY Logo Design allows you to be the “art director” you have the idea and we implement and create it for you. With some fine-tuning on our part you end up with a professional logo in various file formats for both web and print applications. Your design investment here will run you $295-$895 depending on deadline and design complexity.

 Logo Design Makeover takes your current logo and updates it. We usually come up with  2-3 versions for you to choose from. This option will run you $475-$875 depending on deadline and complexity of design.

Logo Design Replication is when you already have a working logo but you (for whatever reason) do not have a high res. file or need a file format that was not provided by the original designer. We will re-create your logo and provide you with ALL file formats for both web and print including the original vector file the logo was created in. This will allow you to blow it up to any size without loosing any quality.  Your design investment for logo design replication will run you anywhere from $295-$450, once again depending on urgency and design complexity.

Fill out the form below and we’ll send you a logo questionnaire which will allow us to get to know you and your business and logo needs. We will then have a pretty clear picture of your business and the stage your business is in and will prepare an estimate.  Once you approved the estimate, we begin working on your new logo! We will research, brainstorming, and eventually conceptualizing several ideas, then refine 3-5 concepts depending on what logo option you need.   We look forward to creating something with you soon. Get the ball rolling today and fill out the form below. We will contact you within two business days.

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